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Welcome to the Town of Cornwall's web site. The site is a work in progress. Our goal is to maintain the site providing pertinent, up to date information on a regular basis concerning happenings in the town. In the coming weeks, please feel free to email us with your thoughts or suggestions for the site. 

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Upcoming Events
7:00 PM: Town Board Meeting
1:30 PM: Planning Board Workshop
7:00 PM: Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
7:00 PM: Town Board Budget Workshop Cancelled
7:00 PM: Town Board Budget Workshop
Latest News
Town Hall Closed October 12 Columbus Day
There will be no garbage or cardboard collection on Monday, Oct. 12th due to the Columbus Day holiday. Regular collection we resume on Tuesday.
KJ Annexation Law Suit
Today the Village of South Blooming Grove, Town of Blooming Grove, Village of Monroe, Village of Woodbury, Town of Woodbury, Village of Harriman, Village of Cornwall on Hudson, Town of Cornwall, County of Orange (on behalf of itself and Orange County Sewer District No. 1), Town of Chester, Monroe Joint Fire District and the Black Rock Fish and Game Club of Cornwall, Inc. plans to file a petition in the KJ Annexation suit.

Supervisor Clark says “the Town of Cornwall's concerns regarding the proposed annexation of land from the Town of Monroe into the Village of Kiryas Joel are based chiefly upon the proposed use of wells in the Town of Cornwall as a water source. It is the Town's belief that the SEQRA review conducted in regard to environmental impacts on water resources was fundamentally flawed and inadequate. The Town of Cornwall has joined in the coalition municipalities bringing this law suit in order to protect the integrity of the Town's water resources”.
2017 Revaluation
Data collectors for the 2017 revaluation have started collecting data in the town on September 14, 2015. They are now on tax map #2 and will continue in tax map order. We will update you of the status of the data collection as it continues throughout the town. Data collectors have started collecting data in the Village of COH on September 21, 2015. They are now on tap map #102 and will continue in tax map order.
Press Release from Town of Cornwall on Pending sale of New York Military Academy
New York Military Academy has ignored the Town of Cornwall's letter of intent to purchase the NYMA property, and it now appears that NYMA's proposed sale of its property to third-parties is not going forward either. As a result, it appears that NYMA's property will be subject to an auction bid in United States Bankruptcy Court on September 30, 2015 with a minimum bid price of $9,500,000. In the event that the property is not sold at that time, it appears that the bankruptcy court will permit the property to be sold on October 2, 2015 in the mortgage foreclosure proceeding brought by Cornwall Improvement, Inc., which is currently pending in New York State Supreme Court.

On numerous occasions over the past several years, the Town has expressed its interest in obtaining all or part of the NYMA property for municipal uses such as sports fields, open space, municipal offices, etc. Indeed, in order to acquire the property the Town Board has even indicated its willingness to consider leasing back the school buildings to allow the academic use to continue on the land. Notwithstanding the latest developments in bankruptcy court, the Town's interest in obtaining all or part of the NYMA's property continues.

If and when the sale of the NYMA property goes forward, the Town of Cornwall will reach out to the new owner to continue the Town's efforts to acquire the property or a portion thereof for municipal purposes. Further, the Town reserves the right to pursue acquisition of the NYMA property by other available statutory means, including eminent domain proceedings.
Storm King Club PowerPoint Presentation
Storm King Golf Club PowerPoint Presentation: Download Link 
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